Keepwatch derives its inspiration from the Old Testament in the bible, where a watchman stands at the watchtower, watching over the city.

So, what has it got to do with this site, you may wonder. Well, it is just my interpretation of the way we perceive things around us, with it’s dash of hues and grays; a world that is ever-changing and constantly evolving. Keepwatch is a reminder that we should be like the watchman, always looking out for the unexpected.

This site presents a collection of my works over the years as a designer. Keepwatching…Life’s about changes…

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My interest in drawing started at the age of about three. All thanks to my brother who was my source of inspiration. He is a real talent in this area. I always say if he did not pursue his career in the management field, he would make a great designer. Check out his works at myrightbrain.wordpress.com/tag/art/

As for me, this gift from God has become my bread and butter. I’ve been in this line for about 10 years now. Started in 2D animation with an IT company that produces CD Rom contents. Four years later with advancement in web technology, I picked up web designing and have since grown a liking to it.

I’m currently a full time freelancer who enjoys the flexibility of managing my own time, most of my works involves Web projects. But my passion is still in illustrations especially in the area of character creations and animations. So long as it’s design, I’m always keen to take up the challange.

One other reason for setting up this blog was to hopefully ‘catch’ a few potential clients here. Life’s full of surprises…never know what we can expect.


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