Celebration:New Vision

Tonight, many of us will be having reunion dinner with our love ones. As for me, I’ll be missing this special night with my family for the first time. I decided to catch the New Year spirit in a different way. What better place….”Chinatown” of course. That’s when I realised there isn’t one in Hong Kong :)

I forgot: “Why do they need a ‘town’ for Chinese folks when we are talking about a land such as China right?”….dur..(I got a laugh from my Hong Kong friends). Anyway, they took us to this place where they have stalls set up using stilts, selling different kind of stuffs. (It’s funny, the kind of stuff that’s available). You can say it’s more like our Singapore’s version of “Pasar Malam”. But It’s their interesting way of celebrating the New Year I guess. Personally, I still prefer our Chinatown mood(minus the weather of course). But on the whole, I enjoyed the walk. It was fun being in the crowd and catching the New Year spirit with the Locals. One thing I appreciate was the cool climate, it added a touch of difference to the whole experience.

I managed to catch some shots during the journey.

Lastly, here’s wishing you all a Blessed New Year !!


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